Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Wednesday June 21, 2006
Normosol is NOT just Normal Saline

Being an intensivist, the most important thing to know - what is infusing in patient. There is some misconception that Normosol is just another name of Normal Saline, which is not true.

Contents of Normal Saline:

Na = 154 mEq/L
Cl = 154 mEq/L
PH = 5.4

Contents of Normosol:

Na = 140 mEq/L
Cl = 98 mEq/L
K = 4 mEq/L
Mg = 3 mEq/L
Acetate = 27 mEq/LGluconate = 23 mEq/L
PH =6.6

Normosol contains added K and Mg which may be unsuitable for some patients like patients with renal failure.

Bonus Pearl: If it says R on IVF bag, it means manufacturer recommends bag for replacement therapy and if it says M on IVF bag , it is meant for maintenance IV. Contents may be little different. Most "M" bags contain extra dextrose.

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