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Wednesday December 7, 2005
Re. Nesiritide (Netrecor)

Netrecor (nesiritide) not only walked into our hospitals for "exacerbation of CHF" but even in out-patient clinics for "tune-up of CHF" with a big bang but over time we realized its not a miracle drug. JAMA article of April 2005 actually showed that it may be associated with an increased 30-day mortality . Later reviews and reports against Netrecor and its association with renal dysfunction intensified the debate. It appears that up to date: Netrecor is indicated only for severe acute decompensated congestive heart failure (CHF) with dyspnea at rest or minimal activity and is NOT indicated for intermittent or scheduled repetitive use, to improve renal function or for diuresis. Using Netrecor merely with BNP level is not advisable.

References: Click here to get article
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Nesiritide — Not Verified - NEJM, Volume 353:113-116, July 2005
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Re. Selective Digestive-tract Decont. - posted yesterday

Response 1: If you look at the bulk of the literature on this topic from Europe, they exclude ICU's with MRSA concerns. This amounts to most US facilities.

Response 2: SDD may not be feasible in ICUs with high prevalence of VRE and MRSA. Click
this Medscape article (register free to read).