Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Wednesday June 14, 2006
Swan is still very in !!

Lately we had some constant negative studies for pulmonary artery catheter like ESCAPE trial, PAC-MAN study and recently published ARDSnet's FACTT trial 2.

This month Critical Care Medicine published retrospective database analysis of 53,312 trauma patients
1. After all adjustments following groups showed benefit:

  • Patients aged 61-90 yrs,
  • with arrival base deficit worse than -11 and
  • Injury Severity Score of 25-75.

It was found that it was associated with a protective effect in patients with severe shock, regardless of age, and in older patients with moderate shock.

Also note negative outcome: Highest risk of death associated with PAC use was in younger patients who arrived at the ED without a significant base deficit. Moreover, no survival benefit was detected with PAC use in patients arriving at the ED without evidence of shock.

Conclusion: PAC insertion is associated with

  1. improved outcome in critically injured patients with severe shock at admission, regardless of age, and
  2. in elderly patients with moderate shock.

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Reference: Click to get article

Pulmonary artery catheter use is associated with reduced mortality in severely injured patients: A National Trauma Data Bank analysis of 53,312 patients - Critical Care Medicine. 34(6):1597-1601, June 2006.
Pulmonary-Artery versus Central Venous Catheter to Guide Treatment of Acute Lung Injury - Volume 354:2213-2224, NEJM, May 25, 2006