Saturday, May 06, 2006

Our failures !!!

Sunday May 07, 2006
Our failures !!!

Some big gurus from Critical Care Medicine (all names below in reference) have penned a cumulative article on progress of Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine over the past 25 Years in recent issue of chest 1. The whole article is worth reading but the most interesting part is where authors have pointed out "Our Failures" with following mentions:

  • Excessive antibiotic use
  • Iatrogenic IV fluid overload
  • Excessive administration of inotropic agents
  • Ventilation with unnecessarily large tidal volumes
  • Excessive, continuous IV sedation
  • Unnecessary use of antiarrhythmic agents
  • Excessive caloric intake
  • Liberal blood transfusions
  • Traumatic effects of endotracheal intubation and airway management
  • Excessive ventilation in low flow states
  • Frequent interruption of chest compressions during CPR

Reference: Click to get abstract

Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine - Progress Over the Past 25 Years: Jean-Louis Vincent, MD, PhD; Mitchell P. Fink, MD, FCCP; John J. Marini, MD; Michael R. Pinsky, MD, FCCP; William J. Sibbald, MD, FCCP; Mervyn Singer, MD; Peter M. Suter, MD; Deborah Cook, MD; Paul E. Pepe, MD and Timothy Evans, MD Chest. 2006;129:1061-1067