Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Simplified Glasgow score

Wednesday April 12, 2006
Simplified Glasgow score for the assessment of severe acute pancreatitis

There have been many scores/criterias proposed for the assessment of severe acute pancreatitis including but not limited to Ranson criteria, Glasgow score, Fan score (Hong-Kong criteria), CT-scan score. Although ranson criteria remained popular, glasgow score has been said to be more precise, which is as follows:

Finding at any time during initial 48 hours - give 1 point for each parameter.

age more than 55 years
serum albumin more than 3.2 g/dL
arterial pO2 on room air more than 60 mm Hg
serum calcium more than 8 mg/dL
blood glucose more than 180 mg/dL
serum LDH more than 600 U/L
serum urea nitrogen more than 45 mg/dL
WBC count more than 15,000/mm3

Total score more than / = 3 severe pancreatitis likely.
Total score less than / = 3 severe pancreatitis is unlikely.

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