Saturday, April 08, 2006

IV vasotec

Sunday April 9, 2006
Why sometime IV vasotec (enalapril) does not work?

If you are using IV Vasotec to treat hypertension, remember peak effect after the first dose may not occur for up to four hours. But the peak effect of the second and subsequent doses may exceed those of the first. Although in practical world, dose upto 5 mg IV has been prescribed but no dosage regimen has been clearly demonstrated to be more effective in treating hypertension than IV Vasotec 1.25 mg every six hours. Patients with conditions of heart failure, hyponatremia, diuretic therapy, renal dialysis, and volume depletion may drop their blood pressure precipitously and recommended starting dose should be no greater than 0.625 mg.

IV Vasotec should be administrated slowly over 5 minutes.

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