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What's new on Central pontine myelinolysis (CPM)

Central pontine myelinolysis, a demyelinating disorder of central pons charaterized by pseudobulbar palsy and spastic quadriplegia, is co-diagnosed by specific MRI findings under know clinical settings or risk factors. Specific MRI findings are increased signal in the central pons on fluid-attenuated inversion recovery images (FLAIR) and hypointense lesions on T1-weighted images. 5 decades ago it was described in chronic alcoholism but over the time it was found in association with malnourished status, renal failure, diabetes mellitus, and post-orthotopic liver transplantation and came to known as hallmark of rapid correction of hyponatremia - but in recent years it has been reported with hypophosphetemia and in DKA (Diabetes Ketoacidosis) despite normal sodium level or no rapid correction of sodium. Treatment is supportive and prognosis thought to be universally fatal. In recent years there are reports of good recovery and long-term survival with proper supportive management.

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