Sunday, January 15, 2006

Sunday January 15, 2006
“MEL GIBSON” in ICU / ICU Daily Goals Worksheet

Dr. Vincent, Jean-Louis proposed "Fast Hug" mnemonic (Feeding, Analgesia, Sedation, Thromboembolic prophylaxis, Head-of-bed elevation, stress Ulcer prevention, and Glucose control) to make sure we cover key aspects of day to day care of ICU. 1 Here is another mnemonic "MEL GIBSON" everyday in ICU.

M Medication list reviewed.

E Extremities covered. (DVT prophylaxis). Also “E” for exercise (change of position, Out of bed).

L Labs and Radiological studies reviewed.

G Glucose control.

I Infection control measures taken, including elevation of bed to 30 degrees, lines reviewed etc.

B Breathing. Did we allow our patient to have sponteneous breathing everyday. This include sedation break everyday to patient.

S Swan /Hemodynamics/volume status reviewed.

O Oxygen supply status, including review of Oxygen Extraction ratio, if applicable.

N Nutrition/GI prophylaxis.

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References: Click to get articles/abstract
1. Give your patient a fast hug (at least) once a day - Critical Care Medicine. 33(6):1225-1229, June 2005