Saturday, January 07, 2006

Saturday January 7, 2006
Changing Endotracheal tube and Combitube

Few tips to remember while changing endotracheal tube over catheter.

1. Have resuscitation cart available.

2. Make Laryngeal mask (LMA) and combitube available.

3. Make respiratory and nursing staff informed and available.

4. "Don't rush". Make patient adequately sedated. Paralyse if absolutely necessary.

5. Pre-oxygenate to 100% for atleast 3-5 prior to tube change.

6. Make smaller size tube available at bedside from present one in case edematous airway encountered.

7. Confirm tube placement in regular standard way.

See Full guide to Tracheal Intubation from Update in Anaesthesia and article and video on combitube from Michael Frass, MD (inventor of combitube) in our procedure section. (video is courtesy of