Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Tuesday November 15, 2005
MAP measurement in ICU with sphygmomanometer

Although we don't need to do sphygmomanometric blood pressure measurement in ICUs on all patients anymore but still it is reasonable to have atleast one instrument available in "unit". (A-lines are not always inserted and sometime oscillometer readings don’t get register on monitor). Most experts agreed that MAP (Mean Arterial Pressure) is more of clinical significance - it may be of interest to know that beside traditional formula available to calculate MAP i.e. MAP = { SBP + (2DP) } / 3 OR DBP + .333 (SBP-DBP), there is another formula described which has been reported as more accurate.

MAP = DBP + .412 (SBP-DBP)

Here is the Nomogram to quickly find MAP with above formula without calculation. - reference - Heart 2000;84:64

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