Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Wednesday October 26, 2005
CPR on patient with IABP

If patient requires CPR who is on Intra-Aortic Baloon Pump (IABP) - do not switch off IABP. Switch from "ECG trigger" to "Pressure trigger". IABP during CPR improves cerebral and cardiac blood flow. With CPR, on "pressure trigger", an arterial pressure tracing should be generated on console/screen and if the console is not recognising the arterial pressure tracing, chest compressions may not be adequate. (If any uncomfortness regarding IABP during code - just dial on 'standby' mode during code).

1. See
sample IABP care protocol - London Health Sciences Centre, Canada

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Concepts of Counterpulsation Therapy System - Datascope's complete guide to IABP .

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